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There has been plenty of research developed suggesting that paid and organic search campaigns combined could lead to higher visibility for your website. These two methods could also maximize your business's online marketing efforts. Research also shows that paid search clicks could have a huge impact on your website's organic visibility. A study in 2011 suggests that nearly 90 percent of advertisement clicks are strongly related to the type of organic search results your website generates. Let's examine the relationship between paid and organic search campaigns further and how these campaigns together impact the performance of your company's website.

Paid and Organic Search is a Strong Combination

The total revenue generated on a website increases exponentially when combining paid and organic search.  Research shows that the two together yield a profit that's more than 27 percent higher than relying on organic search alone. The paid search impact on organic rankings embodies itself in that it gives your company's website extra traffic and more visibility for your brand. If you want to increase the traffic of your website in a short time period, running paid search on your website is a good method to try. Paid search clicks are advantageous in improving your organic search rankings and conversion rates. More people will start to know more about your company and its website.

Impact of Paid Search Keywords

Another important aspect of paid and organic search relationship is keyword research. Paid search keywords could be very impactful in making a webpage more relevant to the query search intent.These keywords could generate leads for your business website and lead to the selling of more products.However, when starting a paid search campaign how do you decide on the right words? There's an art to choosing the right keywords and it involves understanding your customers' searching behavior.When trying to find the right keywords for your paid search campaigns, try organizing them into four different types.  The following keyword categories include:

  • Brand terms
  • Generic terms
  • Related terms
  • Competitor terms

Generic examples of keywords research for PPC can be found here, https://ppcprofessionals.com/adwords-101/keyword-research/, or specific examples down below when researching a campaign to advertise something like Nike running shoes:

  • Brand terms- Nike shoes, Nike online store, Nike shop.
  • Generic terms- running shoes, jogging shoes.
  • Related terms- jogging, sportswear.
  • Competitor shoes- Adidas shoes, Reebok shoes.

This is a good starting point for finding the right keywords that will help give you clicks and conversions within your website.

Organic Search has a Big Impact on Paid Search Campaigns

Since we have now learned that the type of paid search campaign you have on your website has an impact on its organic search activity, it's safe to say that organic has that effect on your paid search. A study created by a few NYU professors has shown that the search engine results you receive organically could have a huge effect on whether a paid ad is clicked or not. If your business website has both a paid and organic result appearing simultaneously, you will likely see your paid result get some clicks. Click-through rates, conversions, and revenue become high when a website has both organic and paid search listings. So it's safe to say that the two go hand in hand in driving the revenue and conversions you need for your business.If you're looking for PPC advertising for your business website, advertising consultants such as Bing Ads Consultants could provide you with this sort of assistance. Finding the right PPC marketing for your business website will help you drive sales, increase visibility, and increase traffic.  

  •  8/19/2020 12:00 AM

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