19 Aug

One of the fastest ways to increase your sales, and launch an advertising campaign is through a pay-per-click campaign or, in other words, through a Google Adwords campaign or Bing ad campaigns. You may need to contact Bing Ads Service Experts in PPC campaigns to help you improve your quality scores, whether you are using Bing or Google for your ad campaigns. The level of quality is very important in an ad campaign if you want to have higher quality scores. Do you want to know how to improve Google quality score? You can find more information on this topic here, https://ppcprofessionals.com/adwords-101/cost-per-acquisition/increase-quality-score/, but we will discuss it down below as well. 

What is the Level of Quality in Adwords?

The Adwords quality level is a metric that Google assigns to each of your keywords and that is based on the effectiveness of that keyword in your history and in that of your competitors.

Why Does Google Assign Quality Scores?

In this case, the answer is simple and is based on three basic pillars: the user who is searching, the advertiser, and Google or Bing. It protects the user as it tries to show the result that best suits their search. It protects and rewards the advertiser with the best quality level compared to others by offering them a greater number of clicks, and at a lower price. It protects the search engine itself by showing relevant searches and, in this way, increasing its own revenue.

What Quality Levels Are There?

First, there are two metrics to be differentiated when it comes to the quality score of a keyword, and that is the visible quality score and hidden quality score from Google or Bing. The visible quality level is the quality level that is shown in the "Quality level" column. It is not a default column, so, if you want to analyze this data, you will have to add the column. To add it, just go to "Customize Columns" and in the "attributes" section select this option. The metric ranges from the 1/10 level to the 10/10 level. The hidden quality level is the quality level that Google determines and does not show you, therefore you cannot know it. In that case, it could be said that this quality level goes from 0 to infinity.

Bing Ads

With Bing Ads, you would notice quality scores in a historical sense as it relates to the ad groups, keywords, and ad campaigns. To improve your scores, use this information to monitor market dynamics and ad performance. You have access to a report that shows your keyword performance. Within this is a quality impact evaluation that you can use to improve your Bing Ad score. You can use the same report to access information for search engine optimization. The quality score should be used at the keyword level so you can identify special improvement opportunities. 

Key Factors in Improving Quality Scores On Google and Bing

Here are the three factors that every advertiser must take into account, analyze and observe in relation to improving the quality level of their account.

Expected Clickthrough Rate: This data is based on an expected click prediction for this exact match keyword. If it is lower than the average, you should consider modifying the keyword or editing the ad to gain relevance.

Ad Relevance: The quality score in any metric is the relevance that the ad shows in relation to the keyword you are analyzing. If this data is lower than the average, it is recommended that create new ad groups and add keywords in exact agreement.

Landing Page Experience: Google analyzes the ad's landing page and determines whether it is relevant to that keyword. To increase the quality score of this parameter, it will be necessary to improve the content of the landing page, as well as the navigability and usability. 

Landing Page Relevance: The content on the landing page must be specific to what the person searched for and expected to see. Use the landing page to identify the right opportunities to improve the content or use broad query modifiers or negative keywords to search traffic match. 

Keyword Relevance: the copy of the ad must highlight the selling points as well as the calls to action, using this for performance tracking of the various ad campaigns. 


As mentioned at the beginning, it could be said that the quality level of the Adwords account is one of the most important factors that must be taken into account. It depends on this data that the position of your ads gains the highest place in the search engines and that your cost per click (CPC) is lower than that of your competitors. Always know what your competition is doing, and you will consistently maintain higher quality scores in your ad campaigns. Try to provide specific content to the keyword used so that the visitor or researcher will get what his expected once they land on your page.

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