07 Jun

To ensure you are making the best of your digital marketing, it will behoove you to optimize your PPC campaigns. Doing this will significantly lower your acquisition costs and increase your conversion rates. You should also do this when it comes to re-marketing which may lead to winning over hesitant prospects. Thus said, the following includes tips on how to create PPC landing pages (and re-marketing 101 pro tips here):

  • Create an Excellent Headline & Value of Proposition 

The first thing a person sees on your site is the headline. Also, only two of every ten people visit a site after reading the headline. So, make the best of your heading by making it compelling, clear, straightforward, and by using title and subheading cases. For re-marketing purposes, you should create a better headline and value of proposition to better meet your prospects' needs. 

  • Maintain Space For Reviews & Testimonials 

Doing reviews and testimonials correctly can work wonders for your company. Visitors of your site will gain much more trust that your business is legit when they see other customers' positive reviews that seem authentic.   

  • Install An Optimized Lead Capture Form

Tweaking your lead capture form is one of the best ways for optimizing landing pages. When you are running a PPC campaign, your conversion rates are likely to increase significantly when you optimize your lead capture form. To optimize your lead capture form, you should first request the individuals' full names and email addresses. Secondly, less is more when it comes to your lead capture form. Therefore, don't overwhelm your prospects with tons of information and clutter. Also, you should ensure your form is clean and is comfortable to read. When it comes to your prospects, you should get feedback on their history on your site. Then, you can better capture their preferences. 

  • Tests Different Shapes, Colors, & Size of The Button

There is real science when it comes to the site's color, size, and shape of the button. These features play an important role when it comes to leads' conversion psychology brought in through your PPC campaigns.  Nothing is more important than the button because that is what your audience must click. So, you should take serious consideration in choosing the right color, size, and shape of the button that will lure visitors to take action. 


The color of the button must contrast against the landing page to gain more attention. For example, purple is the opposite of yellow, red is the opposite of green, orange is the opposite of black, etc. Using color wheels online can help you choose the contrasting color for the button. Marketers' most popular choices are red and orange. The color orange creates a sense of selling or buying because it is energetic. The color red creates a sense of urgency. 


Conversions usually occur more with rounded corners than sharp corners. These reasons for this include the following:  

  • The brain and eyes process rounded corners better than sharp corners. 
  • The preprogramming of humans when it comes to sharp corners is to be wary of them as they are mostly considered a threat. This primal psychological conditioning is still prevalent today.
  • Sharp corners may appear like directional arrows that may divert your visitors' attention to something else. 


Larger buttons are usually better to get your visitors' attention. 

  • Find The Best Call To Action For Your Landing Page

Besides the button, the call to action (CTA) is just as important. In fact, some companies may use the CTA or buttons because they both usually serve the same task. When visitors click on the CTA link or contact the appropriate person of contact as the CTA instructs, they moved forward with the intended action. When using a CTA, there are various things you should do. For one, it is imperative to ensure you don't have a vague CTA. The CTA must let the visitors know what the intended action is of the CTA. So, you must add relevance and value to convince prospects to convert. T

  • Implement A Chat Tool on Your Landing Pages

Having a chat tool is very convenient for prospects. They won't have to risk waiting on the phone for a representative. Also, they can have some privacy. However, it is very important to use a chat tool that is customizable in a way that is very useful for your business. 

  • Display Explainer Content

You will significantly engage with your audience with short videos, ranging from one to three minutes long. Studies show that consumers respond much more to videos on sites than sites without them.  Also, these kinds of content inform them about your company's vision, mission, and what your company does. 

  • Implement Trust Badges & Guarantees

In addition to implementing positive, customer reviews, visitors will gain trust for your company when you implement trust badges and guarantees. You should put seals and badges by your “Place Order” button and on your header. Just don't overpopulate your page with badges and make sure the badges are clickable in case customers want to check them out. 


Using these tips above will go a long way for your PPC campaigns. So, when you get started, you will notice how much lower your costs will be and how much more profits will come in. 

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